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Our goal is to provided our membership with the most up to date materials pertaining to club activities.

The Mahoning Sportsman’s Club is an organization made up of men and women devoted to the great outdoors.

Each month the club holds a general meeting at 7:30 PM on the last Thursday of each month with the exception on November and December which are held a week earlier.

All members are welcome to attend, so come on out and enjoy an atmosphere of cooperation and friendliness, and learn more about what one of Pennsylvania's finest outdoor clubs has to offer. Check out the Calendar of events for club events and updates.​ Please feel free to send in pictures from club activities, personal game harvest, or a great day of fishing. Make sure information is clear. Names, dates, children's first names, (no last names if they are not your children) etc. Send all material 

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All meetings are at 7:30 PM on the last Thursday of every month. 
November and December are a week earlier 
due to the holidays.

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