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The names and addresses of the incrorporators are:
VICTOR R. MEDURE Hillsville, P.O. Box 26 Lawrence County, PA
Lawrence County, PA
HAROLD 0. WELKER North Beaver Township Lawrence County, PA
HARRY MYERS Hillsville
Lawrence County, PA.
Lawrence County, PA
R.D. 2, Lowellville, OH Mahoning Township Lawrence County, PA
Lawrence County, PA
Lawrence County, PA

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Section 1. Regular membership meetings shall be held once a month on the last Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Presi¬dent and/or Vice President and seven (7) additional Board of Directors members for a total of eight (8) must be present to conduct official business of the corporation.
a. Exception:November and December meetings shall
be held on the third Thursday.
Section 2. The President shall have the power to call a special meeting of the members of the Corporation at any time. Only the special business for which the special meeting is called may be acted on.
Section 3. The President shall have the power to call special meetings of the Board of Directors at any time. Only the special business for which the meeting was called can be acted on.
Section 4. Regular Order of Business
Meeting called to order
Roll call of Officers
Reading and approving of minutes
Financial report and presentation of bills
Admission of new members
Communications and notices
Remarks by Guests invited by Board of Directors
Committee Reports
Unfinished  business
New Business
Good of the order

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1.The name of the corporation shall be Mahoning Sportsmen's and Mahoning Wildlife Conservation Asso¬ciation and said names have been registered with the Department of State within six (6) months of the date of the applications for their charters.
2.The location and Post Office address of the initial reg¬istered office of their corporation in this Commonwealth is Hillsville, Lawrence County, P.O. Box 111, Pennsylva¬nia 16132-0002, 3839 West Main Street.
3.The purpose or purposes of this corporation are: To conserve and protect forests and waters wildlife, game and fish; to promote and encourage hunting and fishing and outdoor sports incident thereto; to enforce the game and fish laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and of the Federal Government; to promote good sportsman¬ship in the field and on the streams for the encourage¬ment of lawful and social enjoyment real estate or other property necessary or useful in promoting these purposes; to band together sportsmen of the community to further the above aims and to co-operate with County and State Organizations organized for like purposes; and the cor¬porate does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profits, incidental or otherwise to its members.

Amended 2007

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Section 1. There shall be seven (7) classes of mem¬bers: Life Members, Active Senior Male members, Women members, Intermediate Male members, Junior members, Honorary members, and Complimentary members.
Section 2. Anyone desiring to become a member shall submit a written application furnished by the Corporation signed by the applicant and an Active Senior Male mem¬ber of five (5) years or more as sponsor to the Financial Secretary in person with identification.
a.Each application for membership must be turned in by said applicant, along with the initiation fee and annual dues as per Art. II Sec. 3 and Sec. 5, in person to anyone of the twenty-two (22) officers of the Corporation. After approval by Board of Direc¬tors and membership, applicant or sponsor shall pick up membership card in person.
b.Charter shall be open for application for member¬ship during the months of January and February of each current year.
c.All applicants must receive approval of the Board of Directors prior to vote by membership.
d.Active Senior Male members are limited to spon¬soring one (1) Senior Male per year. No limit on other classes.
Section 3. Women members shall consist of female per¬sons ages eighteen (18) years of age and older. Junior members shall consist of persons ages twelve (12) thru fifteen (15). Intermediate members shall consist of per¬sons ages sixteen (16) thru eighteen (18).

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a. In order for a Junior member to be able to take ad¬vantage of becoming a Senior Male member or Woman member without paying their respective initiation fee, they must have been a Junior member for at least three (3) years prior to their eighteenth birthday.
Section 4. Honorary members shall be those persons of outstanding traits of sportsmanship or those persons ren¬dering unusual or extraordinary service to this Corpora¬tion. Such membership shall be granted by a majority of the Board of Directors.
Section 5. Complimentary members shall be those per¬sons rendering unusual services to this Corporation. Such membership shall be granted by the majority vote of the Board of Directors.
a.Complimentary membership shall be granted on an annual basis and shall be reviewed and renewed annually.
b.List of Complimentary members shall be posted on Club bulletin board and a list on file in Club office.
Section 6. All members may attend any membership meeting or activities of the Corporation. Any Active Se¬nior Male members shall have voting rights in this Corpo¬ration.
Section 7. Any members serving in the regular armed forces is entitled to all privileges of this Corporation dur¬ing their time spent serving the regular armed forces and for a period of sixty (60) days after release from active duty service.
Section 8. Any member who serves on the Board of Di¬rectors for ten (10) years or more will be given a Life Membership. The service time begins from the time the Corporation was organized. Service time need not be consecutive years.

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Section 9. The Corporation grounds are restricted to members only.
a. Exception to this section by action of the Board of Directors only.
Section 10. Membership card must be carried at all times while on Corporation property.
Section 11. Membership
Senior Male members shall be limited to 1,400 paying members.
Senior Female members shall be limited to 1,000 paying members.
Other classes shall be no limit.
New membership applications will be received by the Fi¬nancial Secretary.
Persons accepted or rejected shall pick up their cards or money the first Sunday in April.
Present members in good standing will have a prefer¬ence for their immediate family.
New membership applications will be screened. Board action will be final on new applications accepted. Majority vote of membership on application presented by Board.

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Section 6. The Treasurer shall receive and keep a record of all monies and shall deposit the same in a bank to the Corporation's account. He shall sign all checks. (President's and Treasurer's and if needed the Vice President's signature required on all Corporation checks). He shall pay out money for bills presented by order of membership of Board of Directors. He shall report receipts and expenditures at each regular membership meeting. At the expiration of his term of office, the funds, books, cancelled checks, receipts, documents and all other records of his office shall be transferred to his successor.
Section 7. Trap Officer and Assistant Trap Officer shall have charge of the trap ranges and conduct the trap shoot¬ing. The Trap Officer shall maintain a record of monies of his office and shall turn over to the Treasurer all monies for deposit on a monthly basis.
Section 8. Range officer shall have charge of the out¬door rifle and pistol ranges, indoor pistol range and the archery range.
a.Assistant Range Officers shall have charge of the 3-D Archery range and conducting the 3-D shoots.
b.All monies shall be turned over to the Treasurer on a monthly basis.
Section 9. Auditors shall audit all books and accounts annually. The audit shall be complete for a report at April meeting of the Board of Directors and membership meeting.
Section 10. Game Propagation Chairman shall be re¬sponsible for all game distribution, supplemental feeding, nesting and bedding sites, dog training area and posting of all land.
Section 11. Land Management Chairman and Assistant Land Management Chairman shall be responsible for all Corporation land and roads.
Section 12. Building Chairman and Assistant Building Chairman shall be responsible for all buildings on Corpo¬ration property.

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Section 1. The annual dues of the Active Senior Male member of the Corporation shall be fifty dollars ($50.00). Members sixty-five (65) years of age and older shall be one-half annual dues, twenty-five dollars ($25.00). Mem¬bers sixty-five (65) years or over who have been a mem¬ber of ten (10) years continuous duration may receive a Life Membership upon request.
Section 2. The annual dues of the Women members, eighteen (18) years of age and over shall be fifteen dol¬lars ($15.00).
Section 3. The annual dues of Junior members, twelve (12) years through fifteen (15) years of age shall be five dollars ($5.00). The annual dues of Intermediate mem¬bers sixteen (16) years through seventeen (17) years of age shall be twenty dollars (20.00).
Section 4. Each active Senior Male member shall be subject to one annual assessment not exceeding twenty dollars ($20.00). Assessment will be announced during regular monthly meeting.
Section 5. Initiation fee for Senior male members shall be fifty dollars ($50.00). Initiation fee for Women mem¬bers shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00). Initiation fee for Junior members shall be five dollars ($5.00). Initiation fee for Intermediate members shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00).
Section 6. Life membership may be obtained for one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). A new member shall also pay the initiation fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).

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Section 7. All dues and assessments shall be payable on or before the 28th of February. Any member in default of payment of dues or assessments shall be ipso facto suspended from all privileges of membership and if, such default be not cured within a period of thirty (30) days, the membership of such member shall automatically cease and terminate.
a. All members who wish to pay their dues by mail must provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Applications must be postmarked for mail ins by February 28th.
Section 1. Any member may be removed from member¬ship or fined up to five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each offense committed, by a majority vote of the Board of Di¬rectors at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors, for conduct deemed prejudicial to the Corpora¬tion. Provided such member(s) shall first have been served with written notice of the charge(s) against them, and shall have been given an opportunity to produce their witness(es), if any, at the meeting at which such vote is taken.
Section 2. Any member of one year or less, apprehended and proven guilty of property damage on or in the con¬fines of Corporation property, who will not assume respon¬sibility for said action, sponsor will be subject to responsi-bility, up to and including expulsion.
Article 3. Any member apprehended and proven guilty of property damage on or in the confines of the Corpora¬tion shall assume responsibility of said action

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Section 1. Twenty-two (22) officers who shall act as Board of Directors, shall be elected by members of the Corpo¬ration at the monthly membership meeting in December to manage the affairs of the Corporation. Nomination of Officers to be held at the monthly meeting in November. Their term of office shall be determined Article V, Section 1.
a.President shall appoint a Nomination Committee at least thirty (30) days prior to the November meeting.
b.Vacancies by death, resignation, or other cause shall be filled by a majority vote cast by the Board of Directors.
Section 2. Regular monthly meeting of the Board of Di¬rectors shall be held at least three (3) days but not more than fifteen (15) days prior to the regular membership meeting at 7:00 p.m. No official business may be voted upon without a quorum consisting of eight (8) members of the Board of Directors.
Section 3. Board of Directors meetings are closed sessions.
Section 4. Board of Directors members must attend two-thirds (2/3), eight meetings of regular Board meeting to be eligible for re-elections. Any absence approved by the Board of Directors shall be considered attended.
Section 5. The Board of Directors shall remove any of¬ficer for malfeasance, misfeasance, and/or non-feasance.
Section 6. A Senior Male member must have his name registered in the sign-in book six times in the current year to be eligible to be nominated for an office on the Board of Directors.

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Section 1. The officers (Directors of Corporation) shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Recording Secre¬tary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Trap Officers, Assis¬tant Trap Officers, Range officer, and two (2) Assistant Range Officers, two (2) Auditors, Game Propagation Chairman, Land Management Chairman, Conservation Chairman, Social Chairman, and Kitchen Chairman. As¬sistant Land Management Chairman, Building Chairman, Assistant Building Chairman, Assistant Kitchen Officer, and Assistant Conservation Officer.
a. The Officers of the Corporation shall be elected as follows: 1. At the December 2001 meeting the officers shall be elected to the following schedule.
Mahoning Sportsmen's Association Offices open for re¬election at end of year as stated.
Term to expire
President                         December 31, 2008
Vice President                 December 31, 2009
Recording Secretary        December 31, 2008
Financial Secretary          December 31, 2007
Treasurer                         December 31, 2006
Senior Auditor                 December 31, 2008
Junior Auditor                   December 31, 2008
Senior Trap Officer            December 31, 2008
Junior Trap Officer             December 31, 2007
Building Chairman            December 31, 2007
Assistant Building Chairman     December 31, 2008
Range Officer                   December 31, 2009
Assistant Range Officer   December 31, 2008
Assistant Range Officer   December 31, 2009
Land Management Chairman    December 31, 2007
Land Management Chairman    December 31, 2008
Game Propagation Chairman    December 31, 2008

Page 12

Conservation Chairman ....... ......... .December 31, 2007 Assistant Conservation Chairman ... December 31, 2008
Social Chairman                      December 31, 2007
Kitchen Chairman                   December 31, 2007
Assistant Kitchen Chairman     December 31, 2008
2. At each and every December meeting, the Officers whose terms expires, shall be elected to a three (3) year term of office.
Section 2. The President presides at all meetings of the Corporation, signs checks (President, Vice President if needed and Treasurer, with any two signatures required on all Corporation checks), appoints and id exofficio mem¬ber of all committees.
Section 3. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence or when called on by the President. He shall be Chairman of the Lake Committee. He shall review the roster of the Club Wardens twice yearly for efficiency.
Section 4. The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Corporation and Board of Directors meetings in a book kept for that purpose. He shall attend to correspondence and such duties pertaining to his of¬fice. He shall obtain numbered cards and membership applications, record numbers in his records and turn over to Financial Secretary. At the expiration of his term of office, he shall transfer all books, documents, correspon¬dence and records to his successor.
Section 5. The Financial Secretary shall receive all money from dues to the Corporation and pay the same to the Treasurer, from whom he shall take a receipt. He shall also keep accurately the accounts of the Corpora¬tion with its members, and shall at all times have his books open for examination by the Auditors. At the expiration of his term of office, he shall transfer all books, documents and records to his successor.

Page 14

Section 13. Conservation Chairman and Assistant Con¬servation Chairman shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to conservation.
Section 14. Social Chairman shall be responsible to take charge of all social functions of the Association and main¬tain billboard.
Section 15. The President, Vice President, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer shall be bonded. Any other Board Officer can be bonded if need be by Board of Di¬rectors.
Section 1. There shall be a Lake Committee consisting of the Vice President as Chairman and the Club Wardens appointed by the President and Board of Directors. This committee shall oversee and provide assessment for the use of the lake. Any regulation adopted by the Board of Directors and Active members.
a.The Club Wardens shall be Special Policeman ap¬pointed by the Lawrence County Court of Pennsyl¬vania according to provisions of PL 173 Section 7310 as amended. They shall enforce all laws of the State of Pennsylvania on the Corporation grounds and have the power of arrest on the Cor¬poration property.
b.The Club Wardens shall present a badge furnished by the Corporation with "Mahoning Sportsmen's Association" inscribed on said badge while perform¬ing their duties.
c.The Club Wardens have the same authority as Con¬stables and shall exercise all powers of a Constable in and upon immediate vicinity of Corporate property.
d.The Club Wardens shall enforce all Rules and Regu¬lations of the Corporation according to provisions PL 173 Section 7311 as amended

Page 15

e. The President and Board of Directors shall have the authority to dismiss any Club Warden not per¬forming his duty. Any dismissed Warden must return all Club property or may be assessed for all properties.
Section 1. The Constitution or any of these By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the votes cast at any meeting where such vote is taken. The pro¬posed amendment must first be submitted in writing and read at three (3) successive regular meetings of the mem¬bers before adoption. The proposed amendment shall be voted on after the third meeting.
a.Membership shall be notified of any adopted amend¬ment(s) to the Constitution and/or By-Laws at the next regular meeting.
b.Final interpretation of the rules and regulations will be determined by the Board of Directors.
1.Close and lock gates entering or leaving. Twenty dollar (20.00) fine.
2.Speed limit is ten (10) miles per hour on all Corpora¬tion property. This applies to all motor vehicles.
3.Swimming or skin diving allowed only in swimming areas, except by permission from the Board of Directors.
4.Hands off all boats except your own.
5.Federal and State boat rules to be observed.
6.No trespassing by non-members.
7.Profane or obscene language is prohibited.
8.Leaving or dumping rubbish or littering is prohibited. Five hundred dollar ($500.00) fine.

Page 16

9.Boats left on club property must be registered All             with Lake Committee each year.
10.No wake rule on all lakes.
11.Membership card must be carried at all times.
12.Hunting in dog training areas will be decided by               the Board of Directors.
13.All posted signs must be observed and obeyed.
14.All pets must be under the owner's control at all              times.
15.All pets prohibited on the beach during                           swimming season.
16.All pets must be leashed on campground during              camping season.
17.All swimming aids must be coastguard                           approved.
18.Children twelve (12) years of age and under                     must be accompanied by an adult on club                      grounds. One adult can be supervising only four (4)         children at one time.
19.All motorized vehicles will coincide with PA                     State laws.
20.All rules and signs posted at all shooting ranges             will be observed and obeyed. boats
21.All illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on club                  grounds.
22.Fighting on the property is strictly prohibited.     Both parties will be suspended from the organization until they meet with the Board of Directors.

*23. Absolutely n o glass containers on club property.

24. No recreational motor vehicle riding one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise and one-half (1/2) hour after sunset Monday thru Saturday during hunting season. Dates to be posted.