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  Mahoning Sportsman's Association, board of directors would like to thank the members that showed up on April 2nd for club cleanup. The group of 32 managed to fill 2 dumpsters with garbage. A special thanks goes out to Laurel conservation club that brought 10 members. Again, thank you for your help, and the people are as follows:

John Kulifay, Jim Huncik, Corey Shannon, John Cracraft, Josh Kulifay, Ethan Black, Bryan Montgomery, Mike Franceschell, Jedd Cracraft, Bob Aeppli, Todd Waters, Ronald Casalini, Wayne McFarland, Bob Miles, Tyler Green, Heather Fabean, Austin Green, Venessa Dicks, Ray Beadling, Dom Alusha, Justin Fell, Nate Cole, Gabe McKnight, Tucker Schultz, Ethan Stoner, Zach Valenti, Ryan Shevitz, Gene Colaris, Bob Dovich.